AP Ventures is Building a Portfolio to Unlock the Global Hydrogen and Carbon Value Chains

At AP Ventures, we invest in advanced technology companies from an early stage in their development and actively support our portfolio companies in the crucial commercialisation and scale up phases.

Our strategic focus spans the global hydrogen value chain and includes carbon capture and utilisation as we seek to build a portfolio focused on the decarbonisation of industry.

As proactive, long-term and involved investors, we take pride in supporting our portfolio companies as they grow. Our portfolio companies benefit from our experience in scaling businesses, relationships with our Limited Partners, and the broader network we have cultivated since 2013.

The heart of our success lies in the AP Ventures ecosystem, a specialised network connecting portfolio companies to the collective knowledge of our team and investors to unlock significant value-enhancing opportunities.

Altergy : Global-leading fuel cell manufacturer
Sector: Energy
Amogy : Minaturised ammonia cracking for mobile applications
Sector: Minaturised ammonia cracking for mobile applications
AquaHydrex : Akaline electrolysis
Sector: Akaline electrolysis
Ballard : Global-leading fuel cell solutions
Sector: Energy
C-Zero : Methane pyrolysis technology
Sector: Methane Pyrolysis
EH Group : PEM fuel cells
Sector: PEM fuel cells
ERGOSUP : Integrated low-cost solution for distributed green hydrogen
Sector: ydrogen Production
Fabrum : End-to-end cryogenic solutions
Sector: End-to-end cryogenic solutions
Fairbrics : CO2 utilisation + hydrogen demand
Sector: CO2 utilisation + hydrogen demand
Food Freshness : Innovative solutions for extending food freshness
Sector: Food preservation
GreyRock : Transforming gas into clean liquid fuels
Sector: Oil and Gas
Hazer Group Limited : Methane Pyrolysis
Sector: Methane Pyrolysis
HPNow : Hydrogen peroxide production
Sector: Waste water treatment
HRS : Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
Sector: Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
Hydrogen Mem-Tech AS : Hydrogen separation
Sector: Hydrogen separation
Hydrogenious : Developer of disruptive hydrogen-carrying technology
Sector: Hydrogen storage and logistics
HyET : Developer of disruptive hydrogen-compression technology
Sector: Energy storage
Hypermotive : Fuel cell and low-carbon power systems integrator
Sector: Fuel cell and low-carbon power systems integrator
Hystar : High efficiency PEM electrolysis
Sector: Hydrogen production – PEM electrolysis
Immaterial : Developer of monolithic metal-organic frameworks
Sector: Adsorbents for carbon capture and hydrogen storage
Infinium : Electrofuel (“efuel”) production systems
Sector: Electrofuel production systems
Insplorion : Gas and chemistry sensing technology
Sector: Gas and chemistry sensors (incl. air quality, hydrogen and batteries)
MatiTech Solutions : Waste water treatment
Sector: Waste water treatment
Noble Gas Systems : Gaseous hydrogen storage for mobility applications
Sector: Gaseous hydrogen storage for mobility applications
Plug Power : Leading provider of hydrogen engines and fuelling solutions
Sector: Hydrogen fuel cells
Starfire Energy : Green ammonia technology
Sector: Green ammonia production and cracking
United Hydrogen : Low cost hydrogen manufacturing and distribution
Sector: Energy storage
ZEG Power : Developer of blue hydrogen production plants
Sector: Blue hydrogen
ZeroAvia : Hydrogen-electric powertrain for aviation sector
Sector: Hydrogen-electric powertrain for aviation sector

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