Our Investment Focus

At AP Ventures, we believe in our ability to unlock hydrogen’s role in the decarbonisation of energy through investing throughout the entire hydrogen value chain.

Hydrogen is a versatile, zero carbon emission, efficient energy carrier. The hydrogen value chain is a fast-growing sector with established applications in many industries. It is playing a pivotal part in the decarbonisation of energy, as well as providing opportunities for attractive financial return.

Across the globe we have witnessed a heightened awareness and demand for a cleaner environment, reduced CO₂ emissions and an acceleration towards a sustainable energy future. It is clear to us that there is a growing momentum for new hydrogen technologies in being able to facilitate this energy transition. We are seeing a surge in interest in these technologies from both corporate investors and governments worldwide.

We approach hydrogen from a deep understanding of electrochemical processes and catalysis, seeking out technologies that have a defensible advantage through materials used, their position in the supply chain and scale-up potential.

Building on our hydrogen expertise, AP Ventures is also investing in carbon capture and utilisation to decarbonise hard-to-abate industries and processes. We see the combination of green hydrogen and capture carbon as having the potential to decarbonise a broad range of industries, from aviation to steelmaking.

Key Investment Areas

AP Ventures invests in technologies which advance the decarbonisation of industry and transportation with a focus on the hydrogen and carbon value chains. We provide capital to early-stage clean technology and deep technology companies which are developing solutions for hard-to-abate sectors including:

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