We invest in innovation that addresses today’s big global challenges.

Who We Are

AP Ventures is headquartered in London and manages venture capital funds which invest in technologies that address today’s most pressing global challenges:

energy integration

Focusing on sustainable energy, clean transportation and infrastructure. This includes energy storage, fuel cell electric vehicles, distributed power generation and hydrogen infrastructure.


Developing biomedical applications and healthcare sensors and electronics. Uses include anti-cancer treatments, cardiac devices and dental applications.


Discovering more efficient use of resources. This includes durable electronics, water treatment and natural food preservation.

Our portfolio is focussed on hydrogen and its role in decarbonising energy. AP Ventures continues to invest in technologies which have the potential to unlock the hydrogen value chain, enabling the swift transition to sustainable energy.

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What We Do

Since 2014, AP Ventures’ Partners have been developing high growth technology companies across the hydrogen value chain and looking for technologies to address the industry’s pain points.

We invest in hydrogen production, storage, transportation as well as hydrogen applications to address the structural constraints which affects many sectors including mining, transportation, heavy industry.

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Our Investors

We benefit from the support of our financial and strategic investors who have meaningful industrial footprints in the energy, mining and automotive sectors. All our investors share our interest in the hydrogen value chain.


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