Our Managing Partner at the Hydrogen Council G20 Investor Forum

28th June 2019

Andrew Hinkly, Managing Partner of AP Ventures, participates in the Hydrogen Council G20 Investor Forum, in Karuizawa, Japan

AP Ventures participated, through its managing partner Andrew Hinkly, in the Hydrogen Council G20 Investor Forum, which took place in June 2019 in Karuizawa, Japan. This event marked the start of the 2019 G20 Summit in Japan and focused on ways to solve the biggest issues facing the international energy community. At a time when hydrogen technologies are gaining unprecedented momentum and support from governments and industry, hydrogen was on the agenda for several ministerial-level sessions.

The Hydrogen Council hosted a forum where industry, investors and government officials discussed the innovative financing schemes necessary to increase the development and deployment of real-world hydrogen projects around the globe. This event brought together leaders of transport, energy and industry multinationals, investors and policy-makers to discuss existing flagship projects and how to tackle the existing bottlenecks that prevent large scale investment. Collaboration was the recurring theme throughout the week end, with the common objective of unlocking mass markets for hydrogen technologies.

For more information, consult http://hydrogencouncil.com/g20-in-japan-hydrogen-takes-centre-stage/

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