Kevin Eggers talks about the Future of Energy on the Next Five Podcast hosted by the Financial Times Partner Studio

16th February 2022

Kevin was interviewed alongside Lisa Rabora, Senior VP of Emerging and Future Business at Equinor and Bob Mumgaard from Commonwealth Fusion Systems. Equinor is an investor in both AP Ventures and Commonwealth Fusion Systems. Lisa shared her views on the transformation of the energy industry and the role Equinor will play in this transformation, through its unique expertise and its support to emerging technologies like nuclear fusion and novel hydrogen applications.

Kevin argued the role of hydrogen is in the decarbonisation of hard to electrify sectors, such as steel manufacturing, aviation and heavy-duty transportation like shipping and rail. He described the main challenge being in the transportation of hydrogen to its ultimate point of use. AP Ventures has explored several technological pathways to address this challenge, supporting liquid organic hydrogen carriers and ammonia technologies. Kevin also highlighted that the private sector has a significant role to play in catalysing early stage technologies but also in supporting larger scale deployments necessary  for the cost of hydrogen to come down.

Listen to the podcast following this link:

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