ERGOSUP installs its first refuelling station in the University of Lyon 1

20th June 2019

A key step in the development of the French start-up: ERGOSUP inaugurates its first compact H2 production and storage station at Lyon 1 University on June 19th.

After two years of R&D, ERGOSUP begins a new phase of its development with the commercialisation of hydrogen stations based on its unique technology electrolysing water at very high pressure.

Named HyRiS Lab, it is an ideal solution to produce the small quantities of hydrogen required within a university laboratory - for teachers, researchers and students. The system will be used starting September 2019.

With the trademarked HyRis Lab we are taking our first steps in the market by addressing the hydrogen needs of both university and industrial laboratories. It is the first product in our range of integrated hydrogen production and storage stations. The University of Lyon will be the first laboratory to produce its hydrogen thanks to our innovation! With a production capacity of 100 bar of 0.7 to 4 kg per week, it meets the specific requirements of laboratories using hydrogen for their work.

HyRiS Lab brings numerous advantages in terms of logistics, cost and security when compared with traditional solutions currently used. For the ERGOSUP team, which is fully committed to the development of these decentralized and low-carbon energy solutions, this is a key step, since we are moving from R & D to implementation in real-life conditions.”, explains Lucile Voiron, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ERGOSUP.

HyRiS Lab relies on the patented high-pressure electrolysis production and storage technology developed by ERGOSUP. After the prototyping phase validated and tested at the end of 2018, the solution entered the industrialization and production phase at the beginning of 2019. The production of a series of five new machines has started with the goal of introducing them into the market by the end of 2019.

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