AP Ventures welcomes Compagnie Plastic Omnium as a new investor and Advisory Board Member

4th September 2019

• AP Ventures invests in advanced technology companies which tackle global environmental and sustainability challenges;

• AP Ventures has an existing portfolio of investments with a focus on the hydrogen value chain and fuel-cell electric mobility;

• Plastic Omnium joins Anglo American Platinum, the Mirai Creation Fund, Mitsubishi Corporation and The Public Investment Corporation as an investor in AP Ventures.

London, United Kingdom, 4 September 2019 - AP Ventures today announces that Compagnie Plastic Omnium (‘Plastic Omnium’) has become a Limited Partner and Advisory Board Member in AP Ventures Fund II following their commitment of $30 million in the fund.

AP Ventures’ investment strategy is focused on companies developing technologies in the hydrogen value chain, fuel-cell electric mobility and energy storage markets which are dependent upon the high-performance characteristics of Platinum Group Metals.

There is considerable common interest between AP Ventures and Plastic Omnium, a leading supplier to the automotive industry. Both organisations are committed to clean and sustainable mobility. Technological innovation and a wide geographical spread of customers characterise a business which is forward thinking and nimble. Plastic Omnium’s focus on investment, innovation and leadership has allowed the business to provide pioneering solutions for its global customer base.

In welcoming Plastic Omnium as its fifth Limited Partner, AP Ventures and its portfolio companies look forward to working with a partner which is focused on developing products which will benefit its customers as the transportation sector evolves. Plastic Omnium joins an exceptionally strong group of investors represented by Anglo American Platinum with its position in the Platinum Group Metal markets, the South African Public Investment Corporation (PIC) and the Mirai Creation Fund both with strong experience of global investment, and Mitsubishi Corporation which brings significant industrial scope and a commitment to develop new strategic activities.

Commenting on the investment by Plastic Omnium, Andrew Hinkly, Managing Partner, AP Ventures said:

“We are delighted to welcome Plastic Omnium as an investor in Fund II and member of the Advisory Board. Plastic Omnium is committed to technological innovation within the transportation sector and I see much value in this partnership. Our strategic investors’ expertise together with our experience and industry network allows us to provide our portfolio companies with a unique combination of investment and development opportunities.

Commenting on today’s announcement, Félicie Burelle, Senior Executive Vice-President, Strategy and Development, Plastic Omnium said:

“The automotive world is living through tremendous technological disruption; we are accelerating and diversifying our strategy for innovation which will allow us to provide essential technology solutions for clean and carbon-free cars. Investing in AP Ventures alongside major industrial players demonstrates Plastic Omnium‘s commitment to the development of the hydrogen ecosystem.”

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