AP Ventures invests in Insplorion AB

15th November 2020

Insplorion AB (public) developed a Nanoplasmonic Sensing technology (NPS), to enable precise, robust and selective measurements for a wide range of applications. This core technology can be applied to a wide range of gases and applications, such as air quality for cities and HVAC systems, hydrogen equipment and battery development and monitoring.

Insplorion’s development of the fastest hydrogen sensor in the world has developed rapidly and attracted global attention during the last year. The hydrogen sensor can be a crucial component in the rapidly growing market of hydrogen-based energy systems. The development of the hydrogen sensor and the Company’s battery sensor mean individually and together great opportunities for Insplorion, to establish a solid position in two rapidly growing markets, while commercialisation of the Company’s air quality sensors further validates the technology.

Insplorion has completed a directed issue of MSEK 30, has resolved to carry out a fully guaranteed rights issue of a maximum of MSEK 30.3, and intends to change listing to Nasdaq First North. The purpose of the transaction is to finance the acceleration of the Company’s development of its hydrogen and battery sensors, and to facilitate further commercialisation of air quality sensors. Formue Nord A/S, Thorén Tillväxt AB and one additional UK-based investment fund participated in the directed shares issue alongside AP Ventures. Naventus Corporate Finance AB, who is the Company’s financial advisor in connection with the Share Issues, have also subscribed for new shares in the directed issue.


Patrik Dahlqvist, CEO Insplorion
“Our hydrogen sensor has developed rapidly during the year we have been running the project, and has over the same time matched well with the fast developing global market for hydrogen as an energy carrier. The interest for the fastest hydrogen sensor in the world is large on the market, within vehicles, within infrastructure and among component manufacturers. The interest is also high among financiers, where AP Ventures, a London based specialist fund focusing on the hydrogen value chain, participate in our directed issue due to the potential of the hydrogen sensor. Today, we are very happy to strengthen our ownership base with both financial weight and industrial competence, while also receiving funds in order to realise the potential of our full sensor platform.”

Andrew Hinkly, Managing Partner, AP Ventures
“We are delighted to welcome Insplorion into our portfolio and to working closely together in the future. Ensuring safe production, transport, storage and use of hydrogen is key to unlocking the global hydrogen economy and we think that Insplorion’s sensors address these challenges; they can also support the development of more efficient and cost-effective equipment such as Fuel Cells. We are very impressed with the versatility of the technology, which has applications outside of the hydrogen value chain, as well as with the team at Insplorion. We are pleased to be part of the journey as the company scales and commercializes its innovative technology.”

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