AP Ventures discuss Amogy during interview with Crain’s New York Business

1st September 2022

Amogy CEO and Co-Founder Seonghoon Woo and AP Ventures’ Michelle Robson recently spoke with Crain’s New York Business about Amogy, their mission, and how their ammonia technology could revolutionise low carbon mobility. Seonghoon describes the challenges in bringing a new technology to market: “In 30, 40 years, in industries like shipping, ammonia is going to be the main fuel…(however), the potential consumers of this technology… have to be committed to this technology that no one has ever tried before”. Michelle summaries the opportunity this presents: “The first mover has the advantage. If you’re willing to go first, you can have this novel technology shaped in a way that’s beneficial to you.”

Use the link below to access the full article: https://www.crainsnewyork.com/chasing-giants/brooklyn-startup-amogy-turns-household-cleaner-electricity-power-vehicles

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