AP Ventures Celebrates 5 Years

17th July 2023

On Sunday 16 July, AP Ventures celebrated 5 years as an independent fund manager. Our Founding Partners, Andrew and Kevin, reflect on how far we have come:

Since our launch in 2018, AP Ventures has experienced remarkable growth, from a small group of Limited Partners to the 12 we have today. Our two Funds have expanded to include 26 hydrogen technology portfolio companies, and the support and interest in the hydrogen industry have intensified during this time.

The hydrogen sector is a very different environment than it was when we made our first investment in 2013; we have seen huge momentum behind low-carbon hydrogen, particularly in the last three years, as people recognise, as we did, that hydrogen will be a critical component of the energy transition.

The AP Ventures team has also grown substantially, expanding from just the two of us to a team of over 20, bringing a wealth of diverse experience and perspectives.

Together, we have curated a balanced portfolio and now support many rising stars across the hydrogen value chain. We have also cultivated and nurtured a network of positive relationships across the industry.

Over the next five years, we look forward to celebrating success across our ecosystem, for our portfolio and for our Limited Partners.

We remain very excited about the future and thank you for your continuing support along the way!

- Andrew Hinkly and Kevin Eggers

At our annual meeting earlier this month, we asked some of our portfolio companies to describe what working with AP Ventures has been like over the years. We also heard Andrew Hinkly's perspective on AP Ventures’ journey so far – you can view our anniversary video here.

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