Why Hydrogen?

Hydrogen is a fast-growing sector with established applications in many industries. It is playing a pivotal part in the decarbonisation of energy, as well as providing opportunities for attractive financial return.

Across the globe we have witnessed a heightened awareness and demand for a cleaner environment, reduced CO2 emissions and an acceleration towards a sustainable energy future. It is clear to us at AP Ventures that there is a growing momentum for new hydrogen technologies in being able to facilitate this transition. We are seeing a surge in interest in these technologies from both corporate investors and governments worldwide.

At AP Ventures, we believe in our ability to unlock hydrogen’s role in the decarbonisation of energy.

Critical role of PGMs

Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) are a basket of metals that includes platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium, rhodium and osmium. They are used widely in industry due to their unique catalyst properties. PGMs are a critical component across the hydrogen value chain and are key to unlocking a sustainable and zero-carbon future.

These metals enable efficient chemical reactions in the production, storage, release, measurement and utilisation of hydrogen. The different PGMs have diverse applications, for example: platinum is used in fuel cells; iridium for electrolysis; and palladium in the production of hydrogen from methanol.

PGMs also can be used in combination with each other and many exciting enhancements to existing processes or new applications are being developed and discovered. These include: more efficient production of ammonia from hydrogen; the binding of hydrogen to safe carrier molecules for storage and transport; and using sunlight to directly convert water molecules to hydrogen.

We are investing in technologies that use and enable the use of PGMs, to further unlock the hydrogen value chain and make hydrogen a globally traded commodity.

PGMs are highly recyclable metals with a well-established value chain and are primarily mined in Southern Africa. The growth of the global hydrogen economy will have a positive impact on the PGM industry and create opportunities for South Africa to further develop its plentiful renewable energy resources and provide green hydrogen for local and international decarbonisation projects.

We are excited to be developing our presence in South Africa and helping to create opportunities for economic development and global decarbonisation.

Key Investment Areas

We invest in hydrogen production, storage, transportation and end-use-applications in order to address the structural constraints of the industry.

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