Our funds invest in high-growth companies developing patentable technologies that use PGMs to address some of society's biggest challenges. Our areas of expertise include sustainable energy integration, growing resource scarcity and the consequence of rapidly changing demographics.

As a specialist investor, the fund benefits from synergies within the portfolio. The AP Ventures network connects investee companies while bringing together the knowledge of the team and investors to deliver significant value enhancing opportunities. The fund invests globally across a range of sectors and industries.

Investment Focus

Our investment thesis is focussed on addressing big global challenges such as:

Sustainable energy integration

Focusing on sustainable energy, clean transportation and infrastructure. This includes energy storage, fuel cell electric vehicles, distributed power generation and hydrogen infrastructure.


Developing biomedical applications and healthcare sensors and electronics. Uses include anti-cancer treatments, cardiac devices and dental applications.


Discovering more efficient use of resources. This includes durable electronics, water treatment and natural food preservation.

Why PGMs?


PGMs power numerous advanced technologies vital to solving global challenges. They are at the cutting edge of applications driving a modern, sustainable world. Industries utilising PGM powered technologies have a competitive advantage and offer attractive growth opportunities.


PGMs possess a unique set of properties and characteristics. Businesses which employ PGM powered technologies differentiate themselves and gain a competitive advantage over their peers. This drives superior returns and underpins the investment opportunity.

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